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  1. Julie Ann Torrens

    I graduated from nursing school 39 years ago and do I love being a nurse? No. “Oh you can get a job anywhere” No. “It is so facinating! ” No! Is having people refuse their medication, kick you hit you and threaten you with a team of lawyers a great job? H E double hockey sticks NO!

    • LordElrond09

      Thank you Julie for your fortitude!

      • Julie Ann Torrens

        It is Doctors like you that keep me going. I love the ministry, I love it when I can truly do Nursing. Now? We push carts around staring more into a monitor than really looking in our patients eyes and sincerely asking, ” how do you feel?” Families scream at us, ” help him!” And then do not leave me enough time to help brush teeth or wash a face. Was it better when I graduated in 78? No. It was very different. I was there for the birth of DRGs when nurses were sent home because we were .75 nurses over compared to the census. I would beg, ” do not send anyone home the ER has four ready to send up” and I would be told something like, ” guess you have to use teamwork ” Keep spreading the good word zdoggmd. I am listening!

  2. LordElrond09

    The only way this is going to change is when the number of healthcare providers graduating from medical school drops so precipitously low that they change it. Why do you think there is this mad scramble to try and graduate more NP’s and PA’s. Heck, I’ll bet in the end, they’ll say that all that education was worthless and they’ll reduce years required for a medical degree to 3 years plus 1 year of internship and DONE.

    But it is beyond insane what the administrative side (read: Lawyers, Hospital admin, Insurance co, Politicians) thinks is legitimate. 2 minutes of patient care, 2 hours of paperwork. And who really cares if you, as a hospitalist keep getting home at midnight and don’t see your kids? Who cares if we have nurses crying at the station because they just had two patients act out and she has 6-8 total to continuously care for? They EXPECT that you do that “for the good of the patient”. They prey on your good side and ethics to do all this vomitus paperwork. All at the same time when you have done 6 – 12 hour shifts, you’re tired, hungry and yet they expect you to be barbie sweet (Toy Story 2) to a grumpy family when you were supposed to be home 2 hours ago. Meanwhile, they left the hospital 5 hours ago. I have yet to hear someone say “I left administration to go back to clinical practice”? NO.

    Where does this end?


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