Sometimes you just have to vent. And if you’re in the hospital, being in a mask with a voice modulator REALLY helps to keep you from losing your job in real life.

Shot as an improvised rant, Doc Vader once again says what pretty much all of us in healthcare actually think. And apologies for the delicious “desert” subtitles…damn autocorrect droids!

#ThoseBiscuitsTho #DocSide


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4 Responses to “Doc Vader Goes Rogue”

  1. Epador


    Rogue Won.

    And wait until you’ve been doing this as long as I have, as I remember when Keflin was a wonder drug, before you vent about exhaust vents.

  2. Michelle Staggs

    you crazy bro! Love it and so so true!

  3. Pamela

    Best video of 2016. I wonder how many Outback and Red Lobster gift cards you will get? Go ahead and put up an address…..hahaha!

  4. Daniel Saurborn

    Ah yes, the highly marketable MD/MBA.