Ever since watching that hatchet job documentary Rogue One, Doc Vader has been pretty ornery. He can’t help but rant to his therapist/nurse Leia, since the struggle is SO DAMN REAL in Health 2.0.

Interesting production point: the Imperial camera droids can never quite tell when he’s done ranting.

Probably because he’s NEVER done ranting.

4 Responses to “Doc Vader on White Coats vs. Black Suits”

  1. Epador

    Hey Doc, you may have started this gig at episode III but I started calling CEO’s on there home phone before there were cell phones, and my Residency Director had to save my butt because I was the only one who had passed the Boards in our year of 12 residents.

    You are right, the ranting never ends…

    • April Schulz Turner

      And yet you still don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”. Thanks for proving Doc V’s point.

      • Epador

        Lol, thay didnt have spel checkrz back then aithar.

  2. TarkinGrandMoff

    Ugh. More whining from Doctor V. If you didn’t want to be 90% burned over your entire body then maybe you shouldn’t have practiced medicine near an active volcano. Just remember who holds your leash around here. You may be the Emperor’s apprentice but he gave me control of this battle station. Now get back to work and click some boxes while I see what other Quality Metrics I can dream up for you to satisfy. Tarkin out.