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In My Humble Opinion

My rant on fixing primary care. And whatnot.


A Dogg and Pony Show

The ZDoggMD roadshow!


ZDoggMD on MSNBC Live!

ZDoggMD meets the press!

ZPupp In Vegas!

Vegas, Baby!

ZDoggMD Industries is moving to Sin City. April Fools! Wait, what? We really are moving?

One in a million shot, docs, one in a million shot.

Bromancing the Stone

What do stand-up comedy, fatty French cuisine, extreme emergency medicine docs, and film PhD’s have in common? I don’t know, actually.


Radio Rounds Rappin’

In our ongoing efforts cauterizing the bleeding edge of technology, we push the boundaries once again with our latest interview. Includes the RadioRap. Blam!

You got served! What?

Funny Medical Stuff. Seriously.

A teaser for our latest rap, and a collection of some ridiculous videos from across the Arpanet! Check it before you wreck it, fools. OK, I really have no idea what that means.

ZDoggMD Logo Design Contest!

It’s on! Design a logo for that’s slightly more awesome than placebo!

Pooh Poohing Honey

Allergies, Autism, and Honey: A Sticky Subject

An analysis of a controversial medical topic that has absolutely no parallel to the vaccine/autism hullabaloo.

Puttin’ on the Hits

Download some of our greatest hits…free!

Slightly Funnier Than Placebo

Deep Thoughts, by ZDoggMD

ZDoggMD celebrates 1 year of attempting to be slightly funnier than placebo! A Journey into Megalomania…

Tax Forms

Tax On, Tax Off

If the only certainties in life are Death and Taxes, could I get a hospice morphine drip prior to both?

Best New Medical Weblog of 2010!

Shock the Vote!

Thanks to your votes, Tha’ ZBlogg is crowned Best New Medical Weblog of 2010 @! Whoo hoo! One question: what’s a weblog?


ZDogg Bytes

Random thoughts, stuff that came up over the past week, and tweets from a twit.


Today’s Hospitalist

What? ZDoggMD in a legitimate hospitalist publication? Another small victory in the battle to advance the cause of evidence-based comedy.

Dr Harry

Dr. Harry Speaks!

Look who’s bloggin’ now? It’s me, Dr. Harry, self-proclaimed reclusive literary genius—sort of like J.D.Salinger, except that I am not a corpse, and my largely misunderstood pieces have yet to be accepted by a single publisher (some of whom have cruelly described my works as “the awkward musings of a self-loathing prepubescent”).


Crocodile O.G.

Like a plucked, encephalopathic phoenix stumbling up from the ashes…the ZBlogg reboots! Welcome, my friends, to the next generation in medical satire technology. Welcome to ZBlogg 2.0 — Solving Yesterday’s Healthcare Problems Tomorrow, for a Better Today™.

TechCrunch 600 300

TechCrunchTV and ZDoggMD!

How Could It Be
That ZDoggMD
Is on TechCrunchTV?

Join me, loyal readers, as I weave for you a tale of many wonders…including, but not limited to, hemorrhoids.


Radio Killed the Video Star

ZDoggMD was on Second Opinion Live on XM Channel 160 (ReachMD)!