Dr. Harry and I threw this one together in an afternoon, written–performed–recorded–filmed…good times!

Everything sounds better Auto-Tuned, especially bad medical news!

There are two minor factual/semantic errors in the video that we decided not to fix…see if you can find them and Dr. Harry will send you an autographed prescription for your favorite pain killer. OK, maybe not, but he might send you his vintage Karate Kid poster signed by Ralph Macchio!

  • Arps

    LOL! Just discovered your site! \nAWESOME stuff! Much funnier than placebo!

    • Hey thanks! Although I would argue that placebo can be friggin’ hilarious…

  • “B flat minor is the most empathetic key”\n\nWould that be like D minor being the saddest of all keys 😛 (http://vodpod.com/watch/3339350-spinal-tap-lick-my-love-pump)

    • You definitely caught the Spinal Tap reference, strong work!

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  • MS1

    Mistakes?\nNeisseria gonorrhoeae, not gonococcus. No idea about the other one. Maybe I could get the autographed Karate Kid poster torn in half? BTW, love your videos. I’m just a student, but I think they’re hilarious.\n–MS 1 cramming for micro exam

    • Thanks homie, and NEVER tear a Karate Kid poster in half…that’d be a crime against Macchio! BTW, the second error: in the John’s Hopkins story, I claim the patient shot the doctor after being delivered bad news. Actually, the patient’s SON shot the doctor. It’s the classic “I shot the Sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy” logical fallacy. Or not.

  • Melinda

    Also, the clap historically refers to chlamydia

  • Michelle Colder Carras

    Re: Your About Me: How big is your effect size? 😉

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  • B-RAD

    Bad news always sounds better with bagpipes!

    • That’s why I always break out the bagpipes at codes! Nothing goes better with cardiac arrest then Amazing Grace belted out on the bags.