Rude, dismissive, and aggressive (RDA). Yet another wonderful medical acronym, describing a communication standard all-too-common in Health 1.0 and 2.0.

There’s been some recent stirrings in the research community suggesting that the way we treat each other (doctors, nurses, patients, errrryone in healthcare) affects our actual cognitive and technical performance, even when we think we’re tougher than all that.

In this special episode of Against Medical Advice, the ever-elusive Mrs. Dogg MD finally makes an appearance…to Co-Host the show AND run the tech board no less! She’s an internist and radiologist with a firsthand perspective on rudeness in medical culture. We talk Health 3.0, mentoring, rad techs, “blocking” in medical residency culture, medical education, pimping, rude patients, nurses eating their young, and what an absolutely perfect and flawless husband and father I am.

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9 Responses to “Rudeness Can Kill, w/Co-host Mrs. Dogg MD : Against Medical Advice 007”

  1. Angela Eve

    Excellent discussion. Very informative and thought provoking. I learned about some new techniques as a nurse. Thank you ZDOGG, MD and Mrs. Dogg, MD

  2. Denise Moore Guy

    Definitely agree that this behavior is very common within RAD!

  3. Epador

    Beware, Mrs. ZDogg rocks. The Z could lose his capitalization if he’s not careful.

  4. Epador

    I have been therapeutically rude to the rare patient who has ben enabled by previous providers, and have at least a 50% positive outcome. The other 50% don’t fire me and come back. For more abuse.

  5. Epador

    Re your elephant metaphor:

    Look at Transactional Analysis: Parent, Adult and Child.

  6. Epador

    OK, you moved from East Coast at age 8

    That explains a lot.

    I waited until I was 43.

  7. Epador

    Mrs Z:

    Residency is called training for a reason.

    Bully for you LEARNING from your residency.

    Yes, ZDogg, you are lucky, and don’t you forget it.

  8. Epador



    This is the best episode ever.

  9. Nancy Kasten

    Mrs Dogg is beautiful and smart , lethal combo.


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