19 Responses to “Against Medical Advice: The Trailer”

      • Jayne M Swiggum

        3.5.17, rather.

        • ZDoggMD

          hahaha damn autocorrect 😉 FIXED! Thank you.

  1. Dr Carolyn McDougald

    Love this so much!! I will spread the word and be watching! We are part of the movement – Tundra Telemedicine in AK. We will be adding mobile outreach clinics soon! Nobody will do it for us – thank you ZDogg!!

  2. Claudia Pérez L

    Welcome from Chile!!! Lets see how it goes!

  3. Pamela

    Excited to watch! Get ’em ZDogg!

  4. Olivia A. Surgnier

    OhHh I’m excited for this! Will be tuning in. For now, Vader out.

  5. Patti Scirrotto

    How about a shout out for all the tired, overworked, grossly underpaid CMAs…not enough hours on the show lol Very excited for this btw…will spread the word!

  6. Robbi Abbott Morris

    I’ll be tuning in for sure! Looking forward to it. I will also get to hear you speak at the ACDIS Conference in May. See you in Vegas!

  7. Gail Frances Thompson

    Unfortunately working night shift, 7p-7a, “keeping the dead alive”, therefore, won’t be able to watch. Will it be available for later viewing?
    Also, how can we, healthcare professionals, support you? You are standing up to ‘the higher ups’ and I love it. Being a nurse, my mouth has gotten me fired because I speak the truth. My parents never taught me to ‘kiss a**’…I mean “Excellent Care”.
    Anybody else relate to this???

  8. David McClure

    I have been watching over my 25 years in medicine a disconnect with what the business side of medicine says we can afford and what we as staff know we need to give safe and quality patient care. This includes staffing ratios that are unsafe for both patient and nurse. Zdogg what are your thoughts on nursing unions .

  9. Apryl Dawn

    I am very excited and can’t wait!

  10. Natasha Brown

    This Respiratory Therapist can’t wait!

  11. kidmodel

    Loving the bow-tie even more knowing that ZDadd bestowed! Did you work with Eterna
    at Stanford?

  12. Michelle Adamczyk

    This ED pharmacist is excited! (especially coming from a hospital that is trying to “improve its efficiency” to reduce FTEs)

  13. Lynne Martin Veilleux

    Sounds promising. Please include the health care workers who work in the background to help ensure an accurate patient record, health documentation specialists. The work done by HDSs is frequently outsourced by hospitals with no concern about the way remote workers are treated. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. Many HDSs are treated very poorly for work that must meet extremely high accuracy requirements for low pay.

  14. Amy Goodwin

    Please don’t forget the PCP’s and their staff of RN, LPN and CMA’s


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