AIDET, SBAR, the P’s…scripts have begun to take over the delivery of medicine.

It’s time for a nuanced discussion about the impact and whether there is a place for scripting in Health 3.0. Must-see bits in this episode: Tom and Z’s role playing at 11:55 and the non-SBAR nurse call at 19:20.

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2 Responses to “Tales From The Script: Are We Mindless Medical Teleprompter Robots?”

  1. Gayle Linde

    I am 65 yrs old and an RN and raised in the south. I would refuse to be scripted and hate phone calls and any person who does this. How about training with real manners? Maybe a new concept now.

  2. Gayle Linde

    Now medical acronyms have a real purpose. Nursing school taught me to teach my patients before any procedure and answers any questions .


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