Her co-worker lit her on fire and tried to stab her. She told her superiors this would happen, but they ignored her.

It’s time for justice for 1LT Katie Blanchard. #silentnomore

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5 Responses to “LT Katie Blanchard RN & the Army That Deserted Her | Against Medical Advice 018”

  1. jim

    The inaction regarding the potential for violence is inexcusable. The roadblocks to further treatment is mind-blowingly insensitive and inhuman. Shame shame on her superiors.

    Using a missed appointment to try to muddy the waters in order to hide their insufficient performance is petty, small-minded and cruel.

    I hope your congressmen and women hear of this and bring hellfire down on the higher ups.

    Given what our President has done for servicemembers, maybe you should reach out to Mr. Trump personally?

    Good luck with this. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Donald Vitale

    Happens in higher education.

  3. Lucy Ricardo

    This is atrocious. I have no words.

  4. Snooterpoot

    The names and ranks of the superior officers who failed to pay attention to Katie’s concerns and possibly prevent the attack should be made public. The Army might not want to do anything to ensure Katie gets the justice she deserves, but public shaming could go a long way toward that.

    Bureaucracy moves when it is threatened. Publicly shaming her superior officers will definitely get things moving.

  5. catholicrn41

    Horrific!!! Like someone else posted, there are no words. I’m also an RN and worked for 10 years in the ER setting, I’m in ICU now and have been for the last 10. One of my friends was working in triage and was stabbed by a patient…it’s awful. The potential is there for anything to happen but this, your case is inexcusable that your superiors did zero to protect you! I hope they are reprimanded to the fullest. You have my prayers!!! Best of luck to you!