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One Response to “Take The Sugar Pill (and See How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes)”

  1. Mati

    The ultimate placebo affect: Chantix. When that drug first came out, EVERYONE stopped (woop!!!!). Then the data regrading rage episodes, depression, etc was spouted on all the news outlets. Now, no one given that drug stops smoking and many feel badly become angry, can’t sleep etc. Next placebo: Opdivo and the like. Advertised in DTC advertising as amazing break through. Patients on that drug BELIEVE and I swear, it feels like a LOT more than 20% response rates (the true break-through rate for Opdifo above 12% for standard therapy). I would really like to see the community data for response rates to these drugs. I have never seen such a belief system surrounding a cancer drug. (For most therapies, the clinical data is better than community data because we treat real people with real co-morbidities, not the cherry picked healthy trial candidate.)


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